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Planet M2 (エム二 惑星, Emuni Wakusei; FUNimation "Planet M-2") is a planet in the Northern Galaxy.


Dragon Ball GT

Son Goku fought against Rild, the Sigma Force, and many other Machine Mutants on Planet M2. Many areas of the planet were wasteland, but there was one huge city. The residents were all robots or Machine Mutants. Gill guided the group around this planet as the plot that revolved around his loyalty unfolded. This was also where Baby was first confronted.

Video games

Planet M2 is the sixth level in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. Enemies encountered here are Machine Mutants, big Machine Mutants, Super Mega Cannon Sigma, and General Rild.

It is also a battle stage in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Known residents

Hyper Meta-Rild on Planet M2.