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"Sentimental fool. T-20-0-6 isn't even capable of such silly affection. Friendship, trust...what can these things mean to a mutant robot strictly programmed to do his duty?"
Neji in "Pan's Gambit"

Neji (ネージ, Nēji; FUNimation "Commander Nezi") leads Mega Cannon Sigma.

Neji's Japanese name is a pun on the word Neji, or Screw in English.


Baby Saga

Neji, Natt, Ribet, and Bizu made up General Rild's top mercenary force. They were called upon when Dr. Mu demanded "results". Similar to the Pilaf Machine, they had the ability to join their metal bodies into an even more powerful soldier, the awesome Super Mega Cannon Sigma. This form was a Fusion of the Mega Cannon Sigma. They had a large variety of moves, such as eye beams and drills. They were easily beaten by an enraged Son Goku.