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"It's all been downloaded into my memory banks. I know every move that you make."
Nutt in "Pan's Gambit"

Nutt (ナット, Natto; FUNimation "Natt") is a member of Mega Cannon Sigma.

Nutt's Japanese name is a pun on the word Natto, or Nut in English.


Mega Cannon Sigma was called upon when Doctor Mu demanded "results". They had the ability to join their metal bodies into an even more powerful soldier, the awesome Sigma Force Cannon. When Rild realized that Son Pan was in the base, he told Sigma Force to deal with her. Natt asked Nezi if he could volunteer in fighting against her. After Natt easily dodged her attacks many times, he told a frustrated Pan that he had downloaded a recording of her earlier fights from Gill. She then got mad at the betrayal of Gill and destroyed Natt with the Maiden's Rage, a technique not recorded in Gill's records. With the death of Natt, he could not participate in the Fusion to make the Sigma Force Cannon.