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Veise (ビース, Biisu; FUNimation "Bizu") is a member of Mega Cannon Sigma.

Veise's Japanese name is a pun on the word Baisu, or Vise in English.


Veise was the invention of Doctor Mu, a Machine Mutant himself. He, along with Nezi, Nutt, and Rivet, made up Mega Cannon Sigma, who were called upon whenever Mu demanded "results." Veise and his comrades had the ability to join their metal bodies into an even more powerful soldier, Super Mega Cannon Sigma.

Even after joining their bodies, Veise and the other members of Mega Cannon Sigma were beaten by Son Goku (excluding Nutt, who was beaten by Son Pan).


  • Veise can spray sleeping gas.


Veise trying to absorb Goku and Trunks into his construct.