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Planet Arlia (アーリア 惑星, Āria Wakusei; FUNimation "Planet Arlia") is the homeworld of the Arlians.


Planet Arlia's atmosphere

Planet Arlia was located in the North Galaxy. The planet was mostly covered in the ruins of old and crumbling buildings, aside from Moai's Palace, and the atmosphere was dark and unpleasant looking. Originally, Vegeta had set the wake-up timer on his Attack Ball early so that he could take over Planet Arlia with the intention of capturing the planet to sell it. Nappa and Vegeta freed the planet from the evil dictator, Moai, in February 762 Age. After the fight with the Arlians, however, he and Nappa decided that the planet was in too poor of a condition to bring in any good profit and destroyed it and its moon.

Known residents