Big Gete Star

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The Big Gete Star (ビッグ ゲテ スター, Biggu Gete Sutā) starts as a computer chip in space debris absorbing the surrounding material and gradually grows. It later absorbs the floating remains of Cooler and he eventually takes control of it.


The real Meta-Cooler
The Big Gete Star chip in Vegeta's hand.

The Big Gete Star appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler. Meta-Cooler, now in control of the Big Gete Star, wanted to use New Planet Namek as a source of fuel. After Son Goku blasted Cooler into the Sun in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, he was not actually killed. He was greatly damaged, however, and floated in space until the Big Gete Star found his remains and integrated them into its core. The crew included thousands of Meta-Coolers and the Big Gete Star Robot.

Dende found out about Meta-Cooler's plans and asked the Z Warriors to stop him. Super Saiyans Goku and Vegeta engaged in a heated battle on New Planet Namek against Meta-Cooler and finally defeated him. When they infiltrated the Big Gete Star, however, they found hundreds, if not thousands of Meta-Cooolers. Goku and Vegeta had no chance of beating them all and were absorbed by the Big Gete Star. They found that the brains behind it all was the real Meta-Cooler - an obscene and grinning head split with one remaining eye strung up by wires and sheets of metal. All of the Metal-Coolers seen previously were under remote control and the Big Gete Star itself formed Meta-Cooler's true body. He plotted to drain Goku and Vegeta of all their energy for his own purposes. Their power ended up being too much and it began to overload the capacity of the Big Gete Star's systems. The Saiyans then flooded the Big Gete Star with energy and caused it to crumble and his remote-controlled Meta-Coolers to self-destruct as Meta-Cooler himself started to lose his hold on the Big Gete Star.

Sickened that such "scum" yet again foiled his plans, Meta-Cooler fashioned a final body and throttled Goku in wires. Even to this end, Meta-Cooler believed victory was inevitable and his arrogance cost him his life when Vegeta sheared off one of his mechanical arms and gave Goku time to destroy what was left of his body. With the "brain" gone, the Big Gete Star disintegrated over New Planet Namek. Vegeta then crushed the Big Gete Star chip in his hand to ensure that Cooler would never come back again.


  • The Big Gete Star is named after the Death Star.