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Dende (デンデ, Dende; FUNimation "Dende", Viz "Dende") is a Namekian.


Dragon Ball Z

Namek Saga

Kid Dende on Planet Namek.

Dende had a unique gift that allowed him to heal others. He first appeared during the Namek Saga in a village on Planet Namek which Freeza and his henchmen were terrorizing in their search for the Namek Dragon Balls. Son Gohan and Kuririn, who were also in search of the Dragon Balls, intervened just in time to save the young Namekian from the murderous Dodoria and flew him to safety. Grateful for his rescue and confident in their good intentions, Dende guided his saviors to Grand Elder, who then revealed the true potential of Krillin, Gohan, and Dende. Later, Dende helps them to summon the Dragon Polunga because they are not able to understand the Namekian language. He is then murdered by Freeza, who is in his final form, but is later revived and becomes Earth's new Kami in Kami's place on Son Goku's request. He continues his role as Kami for the rest of the series, helping the protagonists during their adventures whenever he can.

Dende's first appearance in Dragon Ball Z is when Son Gohan and Kuririn rescued him from Freeza's henchmen (in the manga he was saved from Freeza). In gratitude, Dende took them to the eldest Namekian, Grand Elder, who unleashed all three of their true fighting powers.

Dende eventually took part in the battle against Freeza and saved all of the warriors' lives with his healing ability, though he paid a serious cost when Frieza transformed into his last form and killed him with a single shot in order to prevent him from healing anyone else. Later on during Goku's battle against Freeza, Dende was revived from death by a wish made from Shenron and made the wish to Porunga to transport everyone except Son Goku and Freeza to Earth. Dende lived on Earth for awhile until it was time for the Namekians to be transported to New Planet Namek.

New Kami of Earth

Later after Piccolo's fusion with Kami, (because Piccolo could not release Kami, it was permanent unlike with Nail because Piccolo was the evil counterpart. When they fused, they became one again never to seperate.) Dende came to Planet Earth at Goku's request to take Kami's vacant position and he was able to recreate Planet Earth's Dragon Balls, which had been powerless after Kami fused with Piccolo, and had granted Shen Long the ability to grant 2 wishes. During the seven years of peace after the Cell Saga, at least in the manga, he had also upgraded the Dragon Balls to be able to grant two wishes.

The ancient monster, Majin Boo

Dende during the Majin Buu story arc.
Popo and Dende taking a break.

Seven years later, he watched the events of Fat Boo's awakening and his killing spree of everyone on Planet Earth. Eventually, when Super Boo made his way to the Heavenly Realm, he barely said anything. When he asked Piccolo what he was doing when he mentioned that Super Boo could kill all the other Earthlings, but it would take up until tomorrow, Dende was told to be quiet or the plan would be ruined. It was ruined anyway when Super Boo used the Human Extinction Attack to leave less than 20 beings on Planet Earth within minutes. Later, Super Boo escaped the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and returns to the Heavenly Realm and began his killing spree. Before Dende could be turned into chocolate and eaten, however, Mister Popo knocked him off the Heavenly Realm to assure that the Dragon Balls would still be around.

Dende was faintly sensed by Ultimate Gohan when he returned to Planet Earth and after Super Boo had blown himself up. Gohan, Piccolo, Son Goten, and Trunks Brief took off to look for him, saving Hercule and Bee in the process. When both Piccolo and Trunks accidentally drop Mr. Satan out of the sky, they find Dende. After explaining the different situations, Buu returns, mysteriously wanting to fight Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks. After Gotenks and Piccolo are absorbed, Ultimate Gohan fights Buu, while Dende, Mr. Satan, and Bee watch.

From then on, Dende is seen flying, following, and hiding around with Mr. Satan and Bee, willingly explaining situations and, from time to time, getting annoyed by Mr. Satan's pigheadedness.

Dende was the one who suggested that they use the Dragon Balls on New Planet Namek. After reviving everyone after the death of Kid Buu, he resumes his role as the Earth's Kami. 10 years later he attends the 28th World Tournament with his friends at the end of the DBZ series.

Dragon Ball GT

Dende witnessed Goku's regression to a child thanks to Pilaf's accidental wish upon the Black Star Dragon Balls. He was the second person, after Popo, to be healed from Baby's control with the Sacred Water by Kibitokai. He usually remained a background character in Dragon Ball GT.


Dende appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Video games

Dende appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II, Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, and Dragon Ball GT: Transformation

Hypothetical Fusion of Goku and Dende

Main article: Hypothetical Fusion of Goku and Dende

The hypothetical Fusion between Goku and Dende as imagined by Goku.


  • Bukujutsu
  • Healing – The ability to heal wounds. Dende's power to heal extends beyond the victim's wounds as he is capable of restoring tattered clothing.
  • Ki Sense – The ability to sense ki.
  • Portal Opening – Dende and Piccolo are able to open a portal between Hell and Earth. It required two Namekians, and one had to be on the other side in Hell.
  • Tōmi no Jutsu – Tōmi no Jutsu (遠見 の 術, Tōmi no Jutsu; Literally meaning "Far Vision of Arts")

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