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Katattsu (カタッツ, Katattsu; FUNimation "Katas", Viz "Katattsu") is an ancient Namekian and the father of the Nameless Namekian (who later separates into Kami and Piccolo Daimao).

Katattsu's name is a pun on the word Katatsumuri, or Snail in English.


Katas lived on Planet Namek before 261 Age and belonged to the Dragon Clan during a time period when different classes of Namekians were more common and when Namekians had knowledge of higher technology, such as space travel. In 261 Age, a massive climate shift took place on Planet Namek. Katattsu managed to save his son by sending him to Planet Earth in a Namekian Spaceship before dying along with almost all of the other Namekians. The only survivor of this catastrophe was Grand Elder, who gradually restored the Namekian population on Planet Namek.