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Cargot (カルゴ, Karugo; FUNimation "Cargo", Viz "Cargot") is a Namekian.

Cargot's Japanese name is a pun on the word Esukarugo, or Escargot in English.


Cargot after being murdered by Dodoria.

Cargot lived with Moori and Dende when Freeza and his men (including Dodoria and Zarbon) attacked their village for their Dragon Ball. Cargot witnessed several Namekian fighters defeat Freeza's men, but then saw the fighters sadistically killed by Dodoria. Moori told Cargot and Dende to run away from the area. As Moori prepared to attack, Dodoria used the Mouth Energy Wave (this was in the anime, while in the manga Freeza used his Death Beam) and killed Cargot instantly, most likely to scare Moori.

Cargot was subsequently revived by Shen Long along with Moori and the others Freeza and his men had killed, and was later transported to Planet Earth by Polunga. He relocated to New Planet Namek with the rest of his people after their stay on Planet Earth.

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  • It is unknown why Cargot's attacker changes from Freeza in the original manga to Dodoria in the anime.