Time Patrol Trunks Brief

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Time Patrol Trunks Brief (タイム パトロール トランクス ブリーフ, Taimu Patorōru Torankusu Burii) is an alternate timeline counterpart of Trunks Brief.

Like his other incarnations, Time Patrol Trunks' name is a pun on boxers.


Currently, there is little personal information available on Time Patrol Trunks himself. What is known about his overall mission is that he was forewarned by Dende about Miira's intentions to spread chaos through time and space, and traveled to 1000 Age (from presumably the past) to prevent Miira's reign in 2000 Age. Like Future Trunks Brief, Time Patrol Trunks excels in swordsmanship and carries a new, though somewhat similar, sword to his manga predecessor's. Time Patrol Trunks also retains most of Future Trunks' characteristics.

It is possible that Time Patrol Trunks is a third incarnation of the Trunks character, two others being Trunks Brief and Future Trunks Brief. Regardless, Time Patrol Trunks is still a Human-Saiyan hybrid and the son of Bulma Brief and Vegeta. His role in Dragon Ball Online is to serve as the mediator during "Time Machine missions", quests that involve the players revisiting original story arcs, or even newer ones exclusive to the game. Time Patrol Trunks makes his debut during the player's tutorial of the game where he appears in a cinematic cutscene to dispatch of a group of cyborgs after a brief talk.


  • Bukujutsu - Time Patrol Trunks uses this skill to get to Kame House during every player's tutorial in Dragon Ball Online and during his use of the Burning Attack.
  • Burning Attack - Future Trunks' trademark technique, however, Time Patrol Trunks' differs in color and power due to its use in base form. In preparation, he performs a series of rapid hand movements before connecting his thumbs and index fingers, and then fires a blue sphere of ki. This technique is performed by Time Patrol Trunks during his confrontation with the group of cyborgs.


  • Like his other incarnations, Time Patrol Trunks' name is a pun on boxers.
  • Numerous factors make it difficult to speculate which of the two Trunks (if either) Time Patrol Trunks actually is. It is known that Trunks alongside Son Goten created the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School in around 800 Age. This would put the two half-Saiyans in their mid-30s during the development of their school and in their 50s (820 Age) by the time the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School fended off remnants of Freeza's Force – an event that took place prior to Miira's threat being known in the main timeline. Time Patrol Trunks, however, appears to be around the age that Future Trunks is in his debut.
  • If coming from a timeline that was not effected by the Androids, Goku's Heart Virus, or Miira, the possibility of other, much stronger Z Warriors being alive to take on the task of stopping Miira is likely.
  • The Dragon Ball Online Korea Official Teaser site has a Q&A about Time Patrol Trunks. Time Patrol Trunks asks you a question and you are given three choices between Piccolo, Future Trunks, and Gohan. The site will not let you pass unless you answer the question. The correct answer is Future Trunks. Although the language is in Korean, it seems that Time Patrol Trunks is actually Future Trunks.
  • It is currently unknown if this incarnation of Trunks can become a Super Saiyan.