Dragon Ball Gang

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The Dragon Ball Gang (ドラゴン チーム, Doragon Chiimu; Literally meaning "Dragon Team") is a group that Bulma Brief assembles for a journey to gather the Dragon Balls. They travel throughout the eastern half of Planet Earth finding the Dragon Balls and defeating evil forces such as the Rabbit Gang and Pilaf Gang.


Bulma telling Goku about the Dragon Balls.
Dragon Ball Gang running.png

The Dragon Ball Gang officially formed when Goku agreed to accompany Bulma on her quest for the Dragon Balls. They traveled past Mount Paozu and into Ryugadani where they met Kame. Bulma was originally against the idea of taking the Turtle back to the ocean, but ended up tagging along with them since she was defenseless without Goku. After a minor conflict against Bear Thief, Goku and Bulma returned Kame back to the ocean where his master, an old man named Turtle Hermit, gave Goku the Kinto Un as a reward and Bulma a Dragon Ball.

Another member, Oolong, joined when Goku and Bulma saved Aru Village – Bulma actually forced him to join. They met Yamucha and Puar while going through the desert, and they later became members of the Dragon Ball Gang.