Future Vegeta

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Future Vegeta (ベジータ みらい, Bejiita Mirai; Literally meaning "Vegeta Future") is an alternate timeline counterpart of Vegeta.


Future Vegeta battling Future Android 17 only to fail miserably and be killed (anime flashback).
Future Vegeta being killed by a hard knee to the gut delivered by Future Android 17 (TV Special prologue).
Future Vegeta lying in his grave.

This version of Vegeta makes his only appearance in the brief opening scene of Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks and in a flashback during an episode of Dragon Ball Z. Future Vegeta was the lover of Future Bulma and father of Future Trunks.

In 766 Age, Future Goku had been stricken down by a deadly Heart Virus that had no cure. Future Vegeta, along with the other Z Warriors and company await the news of Future Goku's health. However, Future Goku passes away, leaving Future Vegeta shocked about Future Goku's death and finds himself very upset due to the fact that he will never get his chance to defeat his rival in battle. Six months later on May 10th, 767 Age, the Androids attack and Future Vegeta is killed by Future Android 17.


  • Future Vegeta is much weaker than the present timeline Vegeta as he had never ascended past the unmastered Super Saiyan form.
  • It is debatable how Future Vegeta died as in the TV Special he is shown being killed by a hard kick to the stomach by 17, but in the episode "Ghosts from Tomorrow" it is shown during a flashback that he dies after being struck by an energy wave while stuck in the ground. However, in both instances, he retains his Super Saiyan power and abilities.
  • Future Vegeta was 35 years old when he died.
  • In hindsight, Future Vegeta's death at the hands of the Androids even as a Super Saiyan could be interpreted as a very strong foreshadowing of an important plot developments: that Future Gohan and Future Trunks (both who only attained the first Super Saiyan transformation) would fail miserably in their respective fights against the Future Androids.