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Planet Rudeeze (ルーデゼ 惑星, Rūdeze Wakusei) is a desert planet in the Northern Galaxy.


Dragon Ball GT

One of the Black Star Dragon Balls landed on Planet Rudeeze. During the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga, Son Goku, Son Pan, and Trunks Brief landed on this planet to collect their third Black Star Dragon Ball. Whil Trunks repaired the cooling system, Goku fended off Giant Antlions. Pan ran away because of the threat of them going back to Earth to bring Son Goten and to drop Pan off. Pan almost died of heat exhaustion until Gill saved her by giving her water to drink. He also fended off a Giant Antlion who attacked her. Not only that, but Gill collected the Black Star Dragon Ball and found an oasis near where Pan had collapsed. The group filled up on their water supply here and cooled off.

Video games

Planet Rudeeze is the fifth level in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. Enemies encountered here are Antlions, Humanoid Antlions, and a Giant Antlion.