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"Lord Slug! Forgive me! Who, who am I to remind you of your mortality!? Have mercy on me sire!"
Zeeun in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug

Zeeun (ゼエウン, Zeeun; FUNimation "Commander Zeeun") is a member of Slugg's Demon Clan.



Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug

Zeeun inside Slugg's Spaceship.

Zeeun appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. After arriving on Planet Earth, Zeeun was quickly killed by Slugg after he made a foolish comment regarding his boss' age.

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

Zeeun later escaped Hell with all of the other villains in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, but was killed again.


  • Ebiru Inpakuto – Ebiru Inpakuto (エビル インパクト, Ebiru Inpakuto)

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  • Zeeun appears in only one scene despite being on the cover of the film.