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"If you will obediently do as we say, then no harm will come to you. As with the other nebulae and star systems governed by Slugg-sama, king of all the universe, this frontier planet will also enjoy his providence."
Angira in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug

Angira (アンギラ, Angira; FUNimation "Angila") is the strongest henchman in Slugg's Demon Clan.



Angira being confident of his ability.

Angira appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. Along with Wings and Medamatcha, he located the Dragon Balls for Slugg. After Piccolo executed Wings and came to rescue Son Gohan, Angira grabbed him from underground. Angira was lifted into the sky by the Namekian, however, as he tried to hold on to him. Piccolo managed to make Angira let go when he fired the Eye Lasers at him and shielded Gohan from Medamatcha's attack. After Son Goku furiously took out Medamatcha, the enraged Angira fired a Mouth Energy Wave at Goku, only to have the Ki Blast deflected right back into his mouth, go into his stomach, and kill him.

Video games

Angira is playable in Dragon Ball Heroes.


Angira and Medamatcha preparing to fire the Full Power Energy Blast Volley.



  • Angira's clothing is red instead of blue and his skin pigment is a light green instead of blue on the original cover of Lord Slug.
  • Angira is one of the few henchmen in Dragon Ball films who is seen physically killing another person as he can be seen taking a man's life for his Dragon Ball.
  • The "Human Racial Dictionary" in Dragon Ball: Daizenshū 7 lists him as being a warrior of the Demon Clan.
  • Angira seems to have been modeled after Zarbon, one of Freeza's top henchmen, in terms of appearance, charisma, personality, and resemblance.