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"You're strong, but you can't beat Lord Slug. So why not join him while you can?"
Dorodabo in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug

Dorodabo (ドロダボ, Dorodabo; FUNimation "Wings") is a member of Slugg's Demon Clan.


Dorodabo is big, brown-skinned, and Gargoyle-like.



Dorodabo collecting the Dragon Balls.
Dorodabo trying to ambush Piccolo.
Piccolo breaking Dorodabo's arm in battle.
Wings prior to his obliteration at the hands of Piccolo.

Dorodabo appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. Upon arriving on Planet Earth, Dorodabo, Angila, and Medamatcha began to collect the Dragon Balls for Slugg. After terra-freezing the planet, Dorodabo took on Piccolo when Son Goku and his allies came to fight against Slugg and his minions. Dorodabo's arm was snapped and his face blown off by Piccolo after he had asked Piccolo to join Slugg.

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

Dorodabo appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn and had an unusual coloring.


Voice actors


  • Dorodabo is modeled after Dodoria.
  • In the Japanese dub and FUNimation sub, Dorodabo refers to Piccolo as being a Demon Clansman (a reference to the fact that Piccolo and his father, Piccolo Daimao, are originally said to be Demons). Right before Piccolo kills him, he tries to convince Piccolo to join them. When Piccolo grabs his arm, Dorodabo assumes Piccolo has accepted his offer due to them both being fellow Demon Clansman (only to have Piccolo blast him in the face). This leads to the possibility that Dorodabo may be a Mutant Namekian (like Tambourine). The term Demon Clansman, however, may be referring to the fact that Dorodabo serves an evil Namekian (in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Nail refers to both Piccolo Daimao and Slugg as Demons) and that Piccolo is originally evil.