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West Kaio (西 の 界王, Nishi no Kaiō; FUNimation "West Kai", Viz "West Kaio"; Literally meaning "West of World King") oversees the Western Galaxy. He is also North Kaio's personal rival.


West Kaio was quite arrogant, rude, and insulting. He was about half the size of North Kaio. His fighters were very strong, and his best and strongest fighter was Pikkon. He also was the only Kaio without sunglasses, wearing a monacle instead. His fighters included Pikkon, Tapkar, and Maraikoh. He taught Pikkon the Thunder Flash technique and later remarked, after Pikkon fried the Next World Tournament Stadium arena twice with the Thunder Flash, "I told him not to do that, don't use Thunder Flash unless you're far away I said. It's getting harder and harder to teach these kids, it's all about explosions to them." It also turned out that he had once fought Buu after being reminded by North Kaio during the Kid Buu Saga. He did not recognize Buu at first, wondering if he was training or "trying to kill us." When he remembered Buu, he teased Pikkon with the obvious truth that Buu was much stronger than him, much to Pikkon's dismay.

All four Kaios often argued with each other, made fun of each other, or insulted each other. West Kaio seemed to particularly irritate North Kai. The only occasions when the Kaio's got along were in times of universal crisis (something that did not happen frequently).


West Kaio and East Kaio in Fusion Reborn.

West Kaio appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

Video games

West Kaio appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

Known students


  • West Kaio is one of the few characters who does not die in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Although he is not dead, during the episode where Kid Boo prepares to destroy the Other World, he can briefly be seen wearing a halo for a short moment.
  • West Kaio is never mentioned in the manga, only North Kaio and South Kaio are shown.