East Kaio

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East Kaio (東 の 界王, Higashi no Kaiō; FUNimation "East Kai"; Literally meaning "East of World King") is a short, dumpy Kaio who oversees the Eastern Galaxy. She is very strict with her students and often does not accept failure.


East Kaio's jet bike
East Kaio's real hair

East Kaio loved to jet bike, and even took on Son Goku in a race at one point. Her fighters were known for their speed. Arqua was apparently her strongest fighter, but he was no match for Goku. After Goku defeated Arqua (who was her last fighter in the Next World Tournament), she punished him (and several of her other fighters, including Chapuchai) by making him run a thousand laps around Grand Kaio's Palace. After seeing Goku and Pikkon fight, however, she was soon able to understand why her fighters had lost.

Video games

East Kaio appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.


  • East Kaio is never mentioned in the manga.