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Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun (摘 詰角田野廷遊豪, Tsun Tsuntsunodanoteiyūgō) is a resident of Penguin Village.


Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo was the mother of Tsukutsun Tsun and Tsururin Tsun. She also practiced kung fu like Tsukutsun. She had a tendency to beat up her perverted husband, Tsuruten Tsun, a lot.

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In "Gatchan You're Great", Tsukutsun was taking a bath when Obotchaman fell through her roof and into her bathtub. She got mad and caused Obotchaman to run out of her house.

Dragon Ball

Tsukutsun was shown making peace signs at the screen along with her husband just before General Blue and Son Goku came into town.

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Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo and Tsuruten in the remake.

In the remake, Tsukutsun's dress – originally green – was changed to a red dress, as well as her skin being lighter. When she heard about the Dragon Balls, she secretly hid with her husband to try to get the wish, but Doctor Mashirito snatched the Dragon Balls before anyone was able to summon Shen Long.

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  • Tsukutsun's personality and appearance is the base for the adult Son Chichi in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Tsukutsun's name comes from an old marketing jingle of the Japanese bicycle manufacturer Tsunoda.
  • Tsukutsun appears in the Dragon Ball manga, but not the anime.

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