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Obotchaman (オボッチャマン, Obotchaman) is a robot who Dr. Mashirito builds using the same plans as Arale Norimaki, but this time as a male.


Dr. Slump

Initially dubbed Caramel Man 004, Mashirito told Obotchaman that Arale wanted to take over the world and that he had to destroy her. He tried repetitively to destroy her, but he could not because she was super cute to him and she did not seem evil. Later, he figured out that Senbei Norimaki created her and must be evil and therefore goes after him. At that exact time, Mashirito disguised himself as Senbei. Obotchaman hit the disguised Mashirito, and Mashirito abandoned Obotchaman. He later became a love interest for Arale, and in a "future" visit the two of them married and had a baby (robot) created by Senbei.

Dragon Ball

When General Blue showed up in Penguin Village, Obotchaman fixed his car, however, it had actually been stolen from Suppa Man. Blue was attracted to him, but the English dub changed it to Blue believing that Obotchaman was his lost little brother, Samuel.

Voice actors

  • Japanese dub: Mitsuko Horie (Dr. Slump Arale-chan); Motoko Kumai (Dr. Slump)
  • Indonesian dub: Achmad Dzulkifli Lubis (Dr. Slump)

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