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Misokatsun (ミソカッツン, Misokattsun; FUNimation "Misokatsun") is one of three named Bio-Men who Doctor Cochin creates.

Misokatsun's name comes from the word katsudon, the Japanese name for breaded pork on rice. The first part may also come from the word miso, the Japanese name for seasoning often used in soup.



Easily the most unusual-looking of the three, Misokatsun was an enormous yellow ball of putty with a mechanical interior. Although he looked sluggish, he was actually quite fast and sported huge claws. Similar to a previous foe, Buyon, his main ability was his incredible flexibility, which allowed him to deflect attacks off of his rubbery belly.

The World's Strongest

Alongside Ebifrya and Kishime, he was unleashed to fight against Turtle Hermit and even deflected a Kamehameha off of his stomach back at Turtle Hermit. Later, when Son Goku had arrived, Misokatsun emerged from the ice under Goku's feet outside of Doctor Uiro's Fortress. Goku tried to punch him in the belly, but his hand only sank in. Afterward, Misokatsun chased Goku into the first level of the fortress and fought him there. Misokatsun was killed when Goku plowed straight through him with a Kaio-ken, stretching his body beyond its limits and literally bursting him like a balloon.

Fusion Reborn

A Meda, Butta, and Misokatsun running in Fusion Reborn.

Along with countless other Dragon Ball antagonists, Misokatsun made a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn when the residents of Hell made their escape to Planet Earth.


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  • Misokatsun is similar to Buyon. They both have fat, rubbery bodies that absorb the force of punches and kicks and can deflect ki attacks such as the Kamehameha.
  • Misokatsun also shares a strong resemblance with Dodoria, Dorodabo, Drum, and King Gurumes in his mutant form.