Hyper Explosive Demon Wave

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The Hyper Explosive Demon Wave (超爆烈魔波, Chō-bakuretsumaha) is an energy explosive wave attack used by Piccolo.


Dragon Ball

Piccolo used this attack in his match against Son Goku at the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament. Piccolo created a massive explosion with himself as the nexus. While having a very large radius, the attack was not very effective and did little damage to Goku (who had time to block) and left Piccolo almost completely drained. Piccolo used this attack again to destroy a large number of Cooler's Cyclopian Guards in Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler.

Video games

It is named Chikyūhametsuha (地球破滅波, Chikyūhametsuha) in Dragon Ball 3: Gokū Den, Dimensional Barrier (魔神 結界, Majin Kekkai) in Super Dragon Ball Z, and Super Explosive Wave in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi.

Nail and Slug use this attack in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series.

Data guides

It is named Furu Pawā Shōgekiha (フルパ ワー 衝撃波, Furu Pawā Shōgekiha; Literally meaning "Full Power Shock Wave") in Dragon Ball: Daizenshū 2.

Similar techniques

Vegeta used an extremely similar technique in the late stages of his first battle against Goku (it did not do much, as Vegeta's power was weakened due to him being hit with the Genki Dama), yet the name of the attack is surely different because only Piccolo, Piccolo Daimao, and Piccolo's student, Son Gohan, use the '魔' (demon) symbol to name their techniques.

Recoome had a similar technique named the Recoome Fighting Bomber, which he described (in the manga and the anime) as his ultimate technique. It caused a "whole big wide circle" around him to be blown into nothing when used.

Majin Boo used a similar technique in his battle against Majin Vegeta named the Angry Explosion.

Character meaning

  • 超 (chō) = ultra
  • 爆 (baku) = burst
  • 烈 (retsu) = violent
  • 魔 (ma) = demon
  • 波 (ha) = wave


  • In the first dub version of the Frieza Saga, Piccolo has a flashback about when he used this move. It is mistranslated as him crying out in pain from Goku's "unbelievable power", however, rather than him being the source of it.
  • This attack is often mislabeled as the Explosive Wave. The terms Explosive Wave and Super Explosive Wave can be used as a generic name for various nameless Hyper Explosive Demon Wave-like techniques used by various characters throughout the series.