Angry Explosion

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The Angry Explosion (アングリー エクスプロージョン, Angurii Ekusupurōjon) is an energy wave attack used by Fat Boo.


Fat Boo crosses his arms across his chest and charges a vibrating pink energy sphere around his body. Next, he looks up and shouts, "Big power!" with the voices of both Fat Boo and Evil Boo. Finally, Fat Boo unleashes an explosion of pink energy across an incredibly wide range, destroying everything caught in its path.


Dragon Ball Z

Fat Boo used this attack in his battle against Vegeta in his Majin form. After the attack, Majin Vegeta was on his knees and bled heavily.

Most times after this use, Fat Boo used the Angry Explosion more like an Exploding Wave rather than a Super Explosive Wave. Fat Boo used it to blow up entire cities by just lifting his arms and shouting, "Buu go bang, bang!".

It was Fat Boo's ultimate attack.

Data books

It is named Zenshin Kara no Shōgekiha (全身 から の 衝撃波, Zenshin Kara no Shōgekiha) in Dragon Ball: Daizenshū 7.