Giran's Village

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Giran's Village (ギラン の 村, Giran no Mura) is the village where Giran and many other Giras live.


Dragon Ball

Giran's Village was located on the top of a waterfall. Son Goku and Namu came here to release the water in the waterfall that was jammed with Merry-Go-Round Gum in order for the water to flow again into Namu's Village.

During the King Piccolo Saga, Tambourine showed up in a nearby village and killed Giran, but he was brought back to life thanks to the Dragon Balls later on.

Dragon Ball Z

Giras 6.png

Many years later, Giran and the rest of Giran's Village contributed their energy to Goku's Genki Dama to defeat Kid Boo.

Notable residents