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Cyclopian Guards (FUNimation "Battle Robot") are robots who the Big Gete Star creates to serve as part of Cooler's army while attacking New Planet Namek.[1]

Appearance and arsenal[edit]

Cyclopian Guards appear to all have the same appearance. Each are a white, gray, and blue combination of colors. They are very large in size (roughly twice the size of Piccolo), have heavily armored bodies, large torsos with elongated shoulder plates, small heads with one large red eye (hence the "cyclop" in the name Cyclopian), long arms with transforming appendages (used for gripping and fighting), and feet that can be used to simply walk or skid across ground. They are all very strong, each being able to swat Piccolo, Son Gohan, and Kuririn around. They are able to transform their right arms into Ray Guns, coils, and guns. They also have a mechanized release that contains giant nets used for capturing their opponents. All are seen being able to utilize Flight, but it is never shown or explained how.


A Cyclopian Guard dragging a captured Namekian.
Piccolo engaging three Cyclopian Guards.

Cyclopian Guards appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler. Upon their arrival on New Planet Namek, Piccolo, Gohan, and Kuririn battled against the Cyclopian Guards while Son Goku picked up his fight with Cooler. During the battle, Piccolo realized that Cyclopian Guards were made of incredibly hard metals, and therefore instructed Gohan and Kuririn to focus all of their energy on their point of attack. Once this was realized, they had no problem easily piercing the armor of Cyclopian Guards. Because of their sheer numbers, Gohan, Kuririn, Turtle Hermit, Oolong, and Yajirobe were all eventually captured. After being pounded by thousands of bullets, Piccolo eventually used a powerful ki explosion to obliterate all of the remaining guards and then headed off to find the others.