Coola's Spaceship

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Coola's Spaceship (クウラ の 宇宙船, Kūra no Uchūsen) is the large spaceship that Coola uses for transportation. This ship looks almost identical to his father's spaceship and brother's spaceship.



Vegeta's destruction being viewed from inside the ship.

Coola's Spaceship appeared in a few scenes in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge. It was first seen orbiting high above Planet Vegeta where Coola and his men watched the destruction of the planet at the hands of Freeza.

The spaceship was later seen sitting on a wasteland on an unknown planet (it was implied in the Japanese dub that Cooler was responsible for the planet currently being a wasteland) with Coola's and his men sitting outside of it. This was where Coola first received word that his brother had been killed by a Saiyan. The spaceship was not seen again after this.

Coola used a machine planet, the Big Gete Star, as his means of transportation inDragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler after his body and mind had fused with the Big Gete Star Chip.