Bang Beam

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The Bang Beam (バン ビーム, Ban Biimu) is an energy beam attack used by Vegeta.


Vegeta holds out his hand with his index finger pointing outward and his thumb pointing up like a child pretending to have a gun. He then utters, "Bang!" and a red, lightning fast bullet emits from his finger and strikes his opponent with deadly force.


Dragon Ball Z[edit]

Vegeta Saga[edit]

Piccolo used a similar technique while training for the Saiyans' attack on Planet Earth.

Namek Saga[edit]

Freeza firing the Bang Beam.

The Bang Beam was a favorite move of Vegeta during the Namek Saga. He used the attack to murder a Namekian villager while interrogating his village for the Namek Dragon Balls. Vegeta also fired a full-palmed version in his battle against Zarbon.

Frieza Saga[edit]

Final Form Freeza was also shown to use his own version of the Bang Beam during the Frieza Saga. He used the attack to kill Dende so that the Z Warriors would not have any more chances of being healed by him. He also used it in an attempt to kill Son Goku, after getting hit by the Large Genki Dama, but Piccolo got in the way and was hit instead.

Cell Games Saga[edit]

Perfect Cell killing a reporter with the Bang Beam.

Perfect Cell used the Bang Beam to kill a reporter in Studio B. Perfect Cell's method was different as he flicked his finger when using it.