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Tommy (トミー, Tomii) is a blind boy who wanders around the mountains.


Tommy encountered Majin Boo during the Majin Buu Saga. Disappointed that Tommy did not get scared and run away from him, due to his blindness and inability to see Buu, Buu healed Tommy and made him able to see. Tommy gave Buu a coin as a reward. Buu tried to eat it, but he did not like the taste. He then went to a city and turned an old man into a carton of milk and gave it to Tommy to drink.

Tommy was either killed by Super Boo's Human Extinction Attack (although there is a possibility he was spared like Mister Satan was because Fat Boo told Tommy "Buu like you, Buu like you.") or when Kid Boo blew up Planet Earth, only to be revived by the Dragon Balls.

Tommy was the first of two characters whom Boo healed so that they could see him and get scared and run away, however, they liked him because he healed them. The second was a puppy, Bee. Also, Tommy could have been the first person to show Boo kindness and vice-versa, the second obviously being Mister Satan.