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Tama (FUNimation "Scratch") is a Cat.


Dragon Ball Z[edit]

Tama sitting on Dr. Brief's shoulder.

Tama was frequently seen on Dr. Briefs' shoulder (much more often in the anime than in the manga) and did not play any major role in any of the three series. According to Dr. Brief, Tama had four years of experience with Hoi Poi Capsule technology. Although it was uncertain just how experienced Tama was with the technology, Dr. Brief seemed to hold his knowledge in high regard as he assured Son Chichi that "No one can troubleshoot a frozen osciphilator like we can." Scratch was referred to as a male Cat in the Japanese dubs. Tama was referred to as a female Cat in the English dubs. Tama seemed to take a liking to Artificial Human No. 16 and crawled on his shoulder often to be petted.


Gokū no Shōbō Tai[edit]

Tama licking Bulma after being saved in Gokū no Shōbō Tai.

Tama appeared in Gokū no Shōbō Tai, but his appearance was different. He was Bulma Brief's pet and lived with her in her apartment. Tama was hungry and caused Bulma to not focus on her cooking. When an earthquake occurred, Bulma fell and was knocked out after she hit her head on a dresser. Tama cried and licked her while the apartment caught on fire. When Goku came up to rescue her, he told Bulma to hold onto his Power Pole while it retracted. He then went into the burning apartment and saved Tama. In the end, Tama was reunited with Bulma and licked her in happiness.

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Tama on a cup that Chichi is bringing Gohan.