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Ginkaku (銀角, Ginkaku; FUNimation "Plague"; Literally meaning "Silver Horn") is a Human.


Ginkaku and Kinkaku ruling over the villagers.
Kinkaku and Ginkaku working for the villagers.

Ginkaku and his comrade, Terror, terrorized Chao's Village with the Gourd of Mist until they were defeated by Son Goku in "Terror and Plague". Plague thought Goku was a normal child and tried to hit him on the head with his notebook, but Goku grabbed his arm and threw him to the ground. Plague then tried to deliver a kick, but Goku grabbed his boot and sent him crashing to the ground yet again. Plague finally decided to grab his Submachine Gun and fired several shots towards Goku, but by using his staff Goku easily blocked all of the bullets. Terror then decided to replace Plague, stating that Plague was no match for Goku.

Ginkaku was eventually captured inside the Gourd of Mist by Goku after failing to reply to his name. He was later seen with Plague farming in the village by being threatened by the village people.