Man-Eating Gourd

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The Man-Eating Gourd (人食い 瓢箪, Hito-gui Hyōtan; FUNimation "Gourd of Mist") is a small gourd that traps people within it when they do not answer to their name. It creates a mist which surrounds the foe, shrinks them down, and sucks them in.


The Man-Eating Gourd appeared in "Terror and Plague". In 750 Age, after the events of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga, Son Goku visited a village terrorized by Terror and Plague. When he tried to help the villagers, Terror and Plague trapped him within the gourd. As Goku had not touched the bottom of the gourd, he re-emerged when Plague opened the gourd to drink from it. Terror and Plague themselves were afterwards captured in the gourd by Goku, who only released them when they promised not to cause further trouble for the villagers.