Hog's Father

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Hog's Father is the father of Hog.


Hog's Father was in the crowd gathered around Sherman Priest's house when Son Goku and Bulma Brief arrived. It is implied in the Ocean Group dub that he was the father of Hog becuase he asked Bulma and Goku to bring his daughter back after the parents of Alexi and Little Flower had already been shown. In both the Japanese dub and FUNimation dub, however, he did not mention having a missing daughter, instead asking if Goku had what it took to beat Oolong.

Video games

He is named Villager G in Dragon Ball: Origins. In a bonus chapter (Level 2-6), Hog's Father asked Bulma and Goku if they could find a girl from the village, who was actually Hedge, and return her to the village after she had ran away wanting to live in the city.