Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack

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The Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (スーパー ゴースト カミカゼ アタック, Sūpā Gōsuto Kamikaze Atakku; FUNimation "Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack") is an energy self-destruction attack used by Gotenks.


Dragon Ball Z

The Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack was Gotenks' signature move. Kamikaze Ghosts were somewhat intelligent and extremely dangerous beings, created by the user's Ki, who resembled the user in personality and appearance. The user expelled them from their mouth for an attack. They were touch sensitive and exploded when they touched anything, including each other (for example, they once high-fived each other and exploded). When Gotenks' battle power increased, the explosive power of this attack also went up. Gotenks could choose the quantity of Kamikaze Ghosts at his command. He had previously released ten Kamikaze Ghosts for one attack and also used the Super Ghost Balloon which broke down into fourteen Kamikaze Ghosts. Each Kamikaze Ghost appeared to have a mind of their own and could behave much differently than other Kamikaze Ghosts. They do, however, obey and follow Gotenks' instructions.

Super Boo (Gotenks absorbed) is able to use this move, and his Kamikaze Ghosts are even able to use the Kamehame-Ha and Masenko.


Gotenks' Kamikaze Ghosts

Gotenks used the 100x Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack to summon one hundred Kamikaze Ghosts to fight against The Dictator and his undead army, who were attacking Satan City in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

Video games

A weaker variation named Ghost Attack appeared in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast and is one of Gotenks' super attacks in both his base and Super Saiyan forms. Super ghost kamikaze also appeared in the gameboy colour game dbz legendery super warriors and can be use by both super buu gotenks and gotenks and is their strongest attack


A Kamikaze Ghost with the likeness of Gotenks.
  • The Kamikaze Ghosts usually have the head of the person who created them, however, Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks' Kamikaze Ghosts still have regular Super Saiyan hair. This is fixed in the filler episode "Inside Buu" and Budokai video game series.
  • When Super Boo's Kamikaze Ghosts attack Vegetto in the FUNimation dub, some of the Kamikaze Ghosts mistakenly say "Galick Gun" instead of "Masenko", which their hands suggest they are performing.

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