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The Z Warriors in the Pendulum Room.
Scarface and Shorty in the Pendulum Room.

After half a year of overcoming emotional and physical hardship, Son Gohan was finally being trained by Piccolo. In the Heavenly Realm, Kuririn and the other Z Warriors had grown impatient with Kami, who after two months had still not given any lessons to his pupils. Mister Popo then took everyone to the Pendulum Room. They then began a mental combat simulation using an old and mysterious mechanism inside the palace (except Yajirobe).

In the middle of a long-since ruined Saiyan city, Tenshinhan and the others were attacked by two Phantom Saiyan warriors, Scarface and Shorty, whose Scouters showed that the four Z Warriors had a combined battle power of 1,507. The four of them put up a fight, but the odds were hopeless and they were picked off one by one. Returning to reality, Kami told the team that their opponents were only half as strong as the real Saiyans. Rather than being frightened off by this revelation, the prospects of facing such incredible warriors renewed the convictions of the Z Warriors to fight.


  • The events in this episode are mostly filler for the anime.
  • During the fight between the Yamcha, Tien, and the two Saiyans, when Yamcha ready's his Spirit Ball, he instead says "Spirit Bomb".
  • In a later episode, North Kaio says that the gravity on Planet Vegeta is over 10 times that of Planet Earth. When Popo sends Kuririn, Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu to the planet via the Pendulum Room, however, they all seem to be unaffected by this (whereas Son Goku can barely stand in the identical gravity on North Kaio's World).


"Earth's warriors, Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha, are training at Kami's Lookout, but get frustrated at the speed of their training. Kami's assistant, Mr. Popo, tells them that knowing themselves will make them stronger, and that learning about their enemy will make them even stronger. Mr. Popo sends their spirits to the virtual reality of the Pendulum Room, where the warriors experience the overwhelming power of the average Saiyan!" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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