DBZ Episode 29

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Vegeta preparing to kill Nappa.

Son Goku began to hit Nappa for every friend who had been killed. Nappa fired an attack at Goku, but Goku simply diffused it with a Kiai. Nappa became frustrated, but Vegeta yelled at Nappa to calm down and this brought him back to his senses. Nappa then used his greatest technique, the Break Cannon, but Goku simply countered it with the Kamehameha. Vegeta told Nappa to withdraw from the fight against Goku as he would now enter the fight instead. Nappa obeyed the order, but decided to at least attack Son Gohan and Kuririn, who had been on the sidelines. Unable to stop him in time, Goku used the Kaio-ken to catch up to him. He prevented Nappa from hurting Gohan and Kuririn and broke Nappa's back in the process. When Nappa asked Vegeta to help him up, he threw him into the sky and used the Gyarakushii Bureikā to kill him because he said he had no use for Saiyans who could not move. At Goku's request, Gohan and Kuririn head back to Kame House.