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Mutaito (武泰斗, Mutaito; Viz "Mutaito") is a martial artist.


Mutaito was master of the Mutaito Training Academy and the first known person to act as Planet Earth's savior (something that was the main role of Son Goku throughout his life). Crane Hermit and Turtle Hermit were two of his students and he taught them the most amazing skills of the martial arts.

Dragon Ball

Goku fighting against Mutaito.
Mutaito using a one-finger ki technique.

Mutaito appeared in "Enter King Piccolo". During Goku's stay in the Heavenly Realm in the anime filler episode "The Time Room", he traveled to the past (via the Pendulum Room) to a period before Mutaito's battle against Piccolo Daimao (when he was teaching a young Crane Hermit and Turtle Hermit in the way of the martial arts). Goku fought with Mutaito, but it was clear that Mutaito was stronger than Goku, causing something of a continuity error in the series (not uncommon with the anime-only filler).

  • Note: This is interesting given the fact that Goku had not long ago defeated Piccolo Daimao, the very demon Mutaito could not defeat and eventually gave his life just to seal him away (Goku's pure-Saiyan bloodline combined with his desire to avenge the deaths of Kuririn, Turtle Hermit, Chaozu, and the others killed by Piccolo Daimao and his spawn may have been what allowed him to finally defeat Piccolo Daimao in the end as during the fight Goku ended up with two broken legs and a broken arm). It should be noted, however, that Mister Popo told Goku that the persons encountered while in the Pendulum Room were not real, but mere illusions. Goku later trained with Mutaito and he taught Goku the basis of all ki-based techniques. He also taught this knowledge to Crane Hermit and Turtle Hermit, knowledge which Turtle Hermit later used to develop the technique that would become the signature ki-based attack for himself and Goku (and many others), the Kamehameha.

Battling King Piccolo

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Mutaito using the Mafuba.

Mutaito, together with his disciples, faced Piccolo Daimao during his first attempt to conquer the Earth, getting gravely injured and suffering for the death of his pupils (with Turtle Hermit and Crane Hermit being among those few to have survived). Before his wounds could fully heal, Mutaito, disgraced at being defeated in front of his remaining students, went off somewhere to be alone and train while Piccolo Daimao continued his rampage. For this motive he decided to develop a special technique, training in solitude to avoid any distraction. When he finished his training several years later, during which much of Earth's population had been slaughtered and the cities destroyed, he reunited with Turtle Hermit and the two went to find Piccolo Daimao. He faced Piccolo Daimao with the Mafuba and managed to conquer him in a rapid and elegant way, trapping him forever in an Electric Rice Cooker and regaining his honor in the process, but died shortly afterwards from the use of this technique which, though tremendously effective, caused death to the one who used it. This selfless act restored natural order and stopped the extinction of the human race, but was centuries later undone by Pilaf who foolishly freed Piccolo Daimao, allowing the evil-Namekian to begin his reign of terror anew, only to be defeated by Turtle Hermit's surviving pupil, Goku.


  • Mafuba – The technique that Mutaito uses to seal Piccolo Daimao in an electric rice cooker jar. Use of this technique results in Mutaito's death (it can be considered his signature technique).
  • Ki-based techniques – Mutaito is actually the second person to mention the word ki (spiritual energy in the FUNimation dub) and uses it to slice a waterfall in two (according to the anime). The first one was Kame-sama during the final of the previous tournament.



  • Mutaito's hairstyle is the same as the wig that Turtle Hermit wears in his Jackie Chun persona.
  • Lao Chu, a character who only appears in Dragon Ball Z anime filler, resembles Mutaito.
  • His name is erroneously pronounced "Moo-ty-toe" in Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.