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Goku's Alive!! is the thirty-second episode of the Frieza Saga and the one hundred seventh overall episode in the uncut version Dragon Ball Z series. The original Japanese title is "Ikiteita Son Goku Zetto Senshi ga Zenin Fukkatsu da!!" (生きていた孫悟空 Z戦士が全員復活だ!!). The episode first aired on September 11, 1991. The original American air date was November 3, 1999.


With the battle on Namek over, it is time to wish people back. Bulma and the others figure out a strategy to bring back Krillin and Goku. The Namekians and Vegeta stay at Bulma's residence (Capsule Corporation headquarters), while the Namekian Dragon Balls regenerate.

The first wish is to bring Krillin and Goku to the Earth from the Check-In Station, but Porunga says Goku cannot be brought back, because he is alive. The second wish restores Krillin. The third was for Goku, but Goku has refused, so they end up bringing back Yamcha. On the next set of wishes, Chiaotzu and Tien are brought back, and the final wish takes the Namekians to their new home on New Namek.


  • In the English FUNimation dub of this episode, Chiaotzu is erroneously called "Emperor Chiaotzu". This is a mixup with the movie Mystical Adventure, an alternate-dimension Dragon Ball story. In that movie, Chiaotzu is actually an emperor; but in the timeline of the series, he never holds that position. There is a similar mixup with Mercenary Tao in the episode "Double Trouble for Goku".
  • A minor error is made in a scene with Vegeta, as his abdominal muscles aren't shown through his destroyed armor.
  • Another error is made when Goku is announcing the next episode, as Goku says "Kami and Piccolo face to face at last!"; however, Kami and Piccolo came face to face in Dragon Ball at the World Tournament.
  • It is interesting to note that at the end of the previous episode Vegeta flew away after his brief fight with Gohan. However, at the beginning of this episode, not only is Vegeta back with the others, but all feelings of enmity seem to have disappeared. This is particularly strange considering the fairly vicious beating he gave Gohan right in front of the others.

"It is a time of joyful reunions as old friends long absent are finally wished home with the Dragon Balls. While Krillin and Yamcha are easily brought back from the spirit world, Porunga, the Namekian dragon, reveals that he is unable to restore Goku to life, because the Super Saiyan isn't dead!" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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