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Great Ape Goku destroying Pilaf's Castle.
Pilaf and his henchmen running from Great Ape Goku.
Pilaf assuming that the Great Ape is dead and jumping up and down on his tail.
Oolong annd Yamucha grabbing onto Great Ape Goku's tail while Puar cuts it.
Goku on his way to Turtle Hermit's home and saying goodbye to his friends.

Son Goku had turned into a monster Ape after he had looked at the full moon and tore apart Pilaf's Castle. Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai slept at the time and awoke to see their room's ceiling punched in. Pilaf ordered Shu and Mai to do something about it, but they only had pillows, slippers, and the like to throw at the monster Ape. Yamucha, Bulma Brief, Puar, and Oolong took the opportunity to escape from their smashed prison. Pilaf and his henchmen ran to a plane and escaped from the castle. Goku's friends yelled for him to change back.

Yamucha, Oolong, Puar, and Bulma tried to run away from the castle, but Bulma tripped and sprained her ankle. With Oolong and Puar not being strong enough to help her up, Yamucha was forced to get over his nervousness of women and grabbed all three of them to escape. Meanwhile, Pilaf was angry over the destruction of his castle and told Mai to turn around. They used the plane's guns to fire at the monster Ape, but it seemed to only make him madder as his face turned red. The plane then launched the Special Pilaf Missile at his face and knocked the monster Ape down, while Goku's friends gasped in horror.

Goku's friends thought he was dead, and Pilaf jumped up and down on his tail in triumph. Shu and Mai then saw the monster Ape's hands twitch and shouted at Pilaf. The monster Ape stood up and Pilaf and his henchmen quickly took off in their plane once again. The monster Ape threw a broken tower at the plane and caused it to crash. As Goku's friends realized that they had to get further away, Bulma shouted that she was stuck under a broken tower. The monster Ape ran towards them and Yamucha lifted the tower up a bit in time for Bulma to escape. The monster Ape punched the ground and Bulma flew up into the air, with the monster Ape catching her between his fingers. Puar then mentioned that Goku's weak point was his tail so Yamucha used the Rogafufu-ken to break the tower up into small pieces and make a sword out of the stone. When he tried to cut off Goku's tail, the sword shattered into pieces. As Goku swirled Bulma and his tail in anger, Oolong and Puar grabbed onto Goku's tail to help Yamucha. For a moment Goku seemed weakened, and Puar took this opportunity to turn into a pair of scissors and cut off the tail. Goku then dropped Bulma and shrunk down back to his normal size where he ended up naked and passed out. Pilaf realized that the monster Ape was Goku and could not believe the castle that took years to build had been destroyed. He ordered Mai and Shu to shoot Goku and his friends, but then ran in the other direction himself. Shu and Mai turn around and run after him in fear.

The next morning, Goku did not remember any of the previous night's events. They did not tell Goku that he was most probably the monster that had killed his grandfather. Oolong commented that maybe he was an alien. Goku walked clumsily and found out that his tail was gone, but he took it well. Afterwards, he went back to the ruins of Pilaf's castle to find his staff. Bulma was sad that she was not able to get a boyfriend and Yamucha was mad because he was going to be shy around girls for another year. They then looked at each other, got red, and started dancing. When Goku returned with his found staff, Bulma gave him her Dragon Radar and told Goku he could use it to find his "grandfather" in a year. She longer needed it as her wish had been fulfilled. They decided to part ways with Bulma and Yamucha planning to go back to the city with Puar and Oolong tagging along. Yamucha then used capsule 115 to make an airplane and took off with the others. Goku used the Kinto Un and flew towards Muten Roshi's island waving a final goodbye to the others.



Voice cast[edit]

Character Japanese dub Ocean Group dub Blue Water dub FUNimation dub
Son Goku Masako Nozawa Saffron Henderson Zoe Slusar Stephanie Nadolny
Bulma Brief Hiromi Tsuru Lalainia Lindbjerg Leda Davies Tiffany Vollmer
Yamucha Tōru Furuya Ted Cole Victor Atelevich Christopher R. Sabat
Oolong Naoki Tatsuta Alec Willows Corby Proctor Brad Jackson
Puar Naoko Watanabe Kathy Morse Kris Simms Monika Antonelli
Pilaf Shigeru Chiba Don Brown Dean Galloway Chuck Huber
Mai Eiko Yamada Teryl Rothery Debbie Munro Julie Franklin
Shuu Tesshō Genda Doug Parker Jonathan Love Chris Cason
Great Ape Yasuhiko Kawazu Don Brown Unknown Shane Ray
Narrator Jōji Yanami Jim Conrad Steve Olsen Brice Armstrong

Differences from the manga[edit]


  • Pilaf commanding Mai to drive the plane back where they fire ammunition at the Great Ape and he falls.
  • Pilaf getting out of the plane and jumping up and down on the Great Ape's tail.
  • Yamucha attempting to cut Goku's tail using a sword he made out of stone.
  • After the plane is destroyed, Pilaf gives Shu and Mai two guns and tells them to go shoot Bulma and the others, but runs away with Shu and Mai running away as well.


Visual edits[edit]

A flower covering Goku's crotch in the Ocean Group dub.
  • When Goku turns back into his normal form, there is a badly drawn flower covering his private area as an edit in the Ocean Group dub.

Dialogue changes[edit]

  • In the Japanese dub, the Narrator's speech at the end says that Goku and his friends' adventures are at an end. He then gives a "just kidding" conclusion to this speech and informs the viewers that Goku's training will continue next week.


  • This was the final episode of the earlier Ocean Group dubbed version of the show.
  • The scene where Pilaf is shooting Great Ape Son Goku with his plane is reminiscent of the scene in King Kong.
  • This episode premieres the first transformation of the series (unless one counts the transformations of Oolong and Puar)
  • This is the only time Shu and Mai are seen in their pajamas.
  • The aiming reticle for the Special Pilaf Missile shows a spelling of 'PILAFF MISSILE'.

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"Goku, now transformed into a giant ape, wildly tramples around, destroying Pilaf's castle. After remembering Goku's weakness is his tail, Yamcha tells Puar to turn into a giant pair of scissors, and proceeds to cut his tail off. Once his tail is severed, Goku returns to normal. Bulma then asks Goku, if he would like to return to the city with her. He graciously turns the offer down, saying that he will go to Master Roshi's island, to train under the Turtle Hermit." cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

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