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Crocodiles (ワニ, Wani; FUNimation "Alligators") are animal-type Earthlings.


Dragon Ball[edit]


Wani was sunbathing at the Kame House when Pilaf pulled a knife on him and asked where he could find Turtle Hermit. Pilaf himself kept several Crocodiles at his castle as seen when he threatened Mai in "The Dragon Balls are Stolen!". Another Crocodile killed two of Colonel Violet's men after she threw them overboard in order for her to escape with a Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Z[edit]

A Crocodile tried to attack Son Gohan during his survival training under Piccolo.

Video games[edit]

Alligators appeared as a common enemy on the Tropical Islands area of Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II.

Voice actors[edit]