Chichi's Mother

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Chichi's Mother is the wife of Gyumao and the mother of Son Chichi.


The painting she is in.

Chichi's Mother's only appearance is in a painting of her sitting in Gyumao's hands holding Chichi as an infant in "Dress in Flames". In the painting, her face is not shown since it is blocked by decorations, but she has the same hair as Chichi and dresses the same way Chichi does when she gets older. She wears a turquoise cheongsam with purple pants underneath and pink socks and shoes. According to the painting, she is almost as as big as the Ox-King's hand.


She lived with Gyumao and Chichi before Fire Mountain caught fire. She died of an illness the same year Chichi was born.[2] Her wedding dress became the only thing left to remember her by.