Bunny Costume

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Bulma wearing the Bunny Costume.

The Bunny Costume is a revealing outfit for females that resembles a Bunny. Oolong has one in his House-Wagon that Bulma Brief wears because it was the only clean clothes around that fits her. The costume also makes many people in Rabbit Gang's Town think that Bulma is affiliated with the Rabbit Gang. Two random women are also seen wearing them in one of Turtle Hermit's daydreams.


The Bunny Costume had six pieces: a black headband with black Rabbit ears, a white shirt collar with a red bowtie, a black leotard with a white cotton tail, a pair of blue tights, a pair of red high heels with ankle-straps, and a pair of white shirtcuffs.


Video games

Bulma is seen wearing it in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure and Dragon Ball: Origins. In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, one of the six costumes Bulma can be seen wearing at the Capsule Shop is the Bunny Costume.

Other media