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Blasters are guns that fire weak energy blasts, the most common type being the Arm Cannon and the Ray Gun. They are used by the common soldiers of Freeza's Force.


Black's Battle Jacket was equipped with a Blaster in its right arm. He used it against Son Goku in Red's apartments at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters.

Many of Freeza's ground troops were seen with Blasters while on Planet Namek. These weapons could kill the average person, but were completely ineffective against a person with a higher battle power (such as the Z Warriors). We later see many of Cold's troops use Blasters, one of which attempted to shoot Future Trunks Brief only for the blast to be effortlessly swatted away.


The Cyclopian Guards used Blasters that were fired from their claws in Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler.