Baby Gamera

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Baby Gamera (子ガメラ, Kogamera; FUNimation "Baby Gamera") is a Turtle.


Dragon Ball

Turtle Hermit riding Baby Gamera.

Baby Gamera looked like a miniature version of Gamera. He used rockets and rotational motion to move through the air. He was used as an alternate form of transportation by Turtle Hermit being that he could not ride the Kinto Un due to his impurity of heart.

He used Baby Gamera to transport himself to Fire Mountain in order to extinguish the fire so that Son Goku and Bulma Brief could get their Dragon Ball. The side effects of riding Baby Gamera was dizziness.

Video games

Baby Gamera appeared on the loading screen with Turtle Hermit riding him in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2. He can be slightly moved by using the analog sticks.