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Akane Kimidori (木緑 あかね, Kimidori Akane; FUNimation "Akane Kimidori", Viz "Kimidori Akane"; Literally meaning "Yellow-green Dark Red") is Arale's "bad girl" friend and Tsukutsun Tsun's girlfriend.


Dr. Slump Arale-chan

Meeting Arale

A younger Akane at the beginning of Dr. Slump.

Akane met Arale in Miss Yamabuki's class when Arale was assigned to be desk partners with her. After the school day was over Akane became annoyed with Arale as she followed her after school to where she met up with her friends Taro and Peasuke. Akane quickly gained respect and accepted Arale when Taro and Peasuke did when she saw Arales strength and eventually she became Arale's best friend.

Dr. Slump

Akane in Dr. Slump.

In the remake, Akane's hair is changed from blonde to brunette (making her hair the same color as her sister, Aoi).

Dragon Ball

Akane speaks to the gang while at the coffee pot about what their plans are for spring break. Akane tells everyone that their choices were all lame and boring. Later on she was pulled over for speeding by Taro just prior to Son Goku's warning of the Red Ribbon Army being in Penguin Village. Akane tries to test out the Flying Nimbus, but it rejects her because she is not of pure heart. She then goes to tell Tsukutsun about Goku but he does not believe her.


  • Cobra Twist – A real world wrestling move. She lists this as her talent in her résumé.

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  • Akane's personality is very similar to that of Bulma Brief. Her annoyance with Arale at the beginning of Dr. Slump is almost the same way Bulma was with Goku in the beginning of Dragon Ball. Her relationship with Tsukutsun is similar to Bulma's relationship with Yamucha and they are both seen riding scooters or motorcycles a lot.

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  1. "Living for Tomorrow!" - The end of this chapter implies that Akane lives past the Buu saga.