The Savior Mister Satan's Record of Glory!

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The Savior Mister Satan's Record of Glory! is a film that reenacts the events of the Cell Games as the general public thinks they have transpired (despite the fact that the actual Cell Games battle are broadcasted well into Son Goku's fight against Cell and many people witness Goku fighting on even ground against Cell).


It was shown at the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament. The film started with Cell (played by K. Fujicka) announcing that he would destroy the world. Goku and the rest of the Z Warriors then appeared. They were shown fighting in the air with strings attached to their costumes. The next scene showed all of the Z Warriors on the ground beaten and Mister Satan (played by M. Hashimoto) showing up to challenge Cell. The film ended with Satan being the victor and the Z Warriors getting up and admitting that they were not as good as him. This film was a complete embarrassment to the Z Warriors (even Artificial Human No. 18 did a double take at the film) and Satan himself because of "how cheesy and low budget" it was.


  • Tenshinhan and Yamucha are not shown in the beginning when all the Z Warriors are lined up to challenge Cell. Both are shown in the scene where the Z Warriors appear defeated.
  • The film can be considered propaganda.
  • Goku does not die in the reenactment, but he did in the real event.
  • Interestingly, Artificial Human No. 16 is not shown in the film even though he plays a big role in the real event and interacts with Satan.
  • The Cell Juniors, Son Gohan's transformation into a Super Saiyan 2, and Future Trunks Brief's death are omitted.