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Zebrata (斯巴達, Suparuta) is a minion of King Horn. Zebrata is played by Kong Lung Sing

He is a loose adaptation of Vongo.



Zebrata appeared in Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins. He attacked Jade's Village under King Horn's orders to retrieve a Dragon Pearl. He and Malilia were both commanders of King Horn's army. They went to Mount Paozu and kidnapped Sparkle after they obtained his Dragon Pearl. On the way back to Jade's Village, Zebrata destroyed Seetoe's jeep. Zebrata and Malilia took King Horn's troops to the house of Turtle Man where Zebrata destroyed it with a Rocket Launcher and retrieved three more Dragon Pearls. At Jade's Village, Zebrata engaged in combat against Turtle Man. He was killed when Seetoe shot a Rocket Launcher at him, causing him to explode to pieces.


  • Zebrata is similar to Sergeant Metallic, mostly due to his sunglasses.
  • Seetoe, the live action adaption of Bulma Brief, kills Zebrata. This make him the only character in the entire Dragon Ball franchise to be killed by a Bulma incarnation.