Vanishing Beam

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The Vanishing Beam is one of Majin Buu's signature techniques and used by virtually every form of Majin Buu.

It is a simple, pink, perfectly round beam (so perfectly round it looks like a sphere when looking straight down it) fired from the palm of the hand that can be fired very easily with no charge up or special stance. Its power varies, but the standard version has been used to combat the Kamehameha making it very powerful.

Majin Buu used this move numerous times in all of his forms. A notable instance was when Super Boo (with Gotenks absorbed) used it to in a Beam Struggle against Ultimate Gohan. Kid Buu uses the move numerous times against Mr. Buu, each time piercing a gaping hole through his body that Mr. Buu easily repaired.

Vanishing Beam is named in the Budokai video game series.


  • Super Vanishing Beam – A move used once by Super Buu against Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks. Gotenks had used his Volley Ball attack on Super Buu and spiked him deep into the ground. While in the crater Super Buu held his hand up in a fashion identical to his Genocide Blast attack. He unleashes an enormous purple beam that fills the entirety of the crater and blasts up into space narrowly missing Gotenks who had been peering down into the crater.
  • Finger Vanishing Beam – Used by Super Buu to split Gotenks back into Goten and Trunks when their time had almost run out.