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Unlock Potential (潜在 能力 解放, Senzai Nōryoku Kaihō; Literally meaning "Potential Release") is a supportive technique that releases an unknown amount of hidden power within a person.


Unlock Potential has been seen in video games. These include the Budokai video game series and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

Awakening Potential

Awakening Potential is an ability possessed by the Namekians Guru and Old Kaioshin. Guru's ability allowed him to awaken a person's potential (if that person's potential was already at maximum, it would do nothing). Guru's technique was simple. He would place his hand upon the person's head and draw out their hidden potential (and unlocking it). It took very little time (although it likely depended on the amount of potential being unlocked).

Elder Kai's Unlock Ability was a more advanced technique requiring much time and effort to unlock a person's hidden potential. Old Kaioshin gained this ability from an accidental Potara Earring Fusion with Old Witch. Because of this ability, Old Kaioshin was sealed within the Z Sword by his enemies, who feared Old Kaioshin's ability to awaken a warrior's potential.

In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3's Sim Dragon mode, the player can randomly encounter Old Kaioshin, who will offer to unlock their potential. After his ritual is done, the character's stats will be at maximum and they will also go up a level.(Note: This is basically a stat increase).

List of people whom Guru has unlocked potential

List of people whom Old Kaioshin has unlocked potential

  • Son Gohan – The only known person to have his potential unlocked by Old Kaioshin.

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