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"This is bad."
Tolbee in "Water Fight"

Tolbee (トルビー, Torubii; FUNimation "Torbie") is a martial artist.

Tolbee's Japanese name is a pun on the word Biitoru, or Beetle in English.


Tolbee has red skin and a physical build that is similar to that of Perfect Cell.


Tolbee was a powerful fighter formerly from the Southern Galaxy. In the Next World Tournament, he first battled against Tapkar. Torbie won by default, however, when Tapkar wasted all of his energy running around the arena and forfeited. In the finals, he battled against Pikkon. Though he put up a good fight, he was defeated by Pikkon in the end. He had a few cameo appearances during the Kid Buu Saga when Kid Boo attacked Grand Kaio's World.


  • Flight
  • Ki Blast – Tolbee uses his energy attacks as a common technique, but is never actually seen using them.