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Thunder Bolt is the strongest Human in the world of Neko Majin as Mister Satan is in the world of Dragon Ball.


Thunder Bolt seeing Kuriiza blow up his car.

When Thunder Bolt and Honey were at Onion Rock waiting for his fans, only one person came after 20 minutes of waiting. Later, Neko Majin Z and his nameless friend came to see Thunder Bolt. The nameless friend wanted Thunder Bolt to sign his Porry Hatter book, while Neko Majin Z wanted to fight him because he wanted see how far he could go against the best, and he needed $10. Thunder Bolt crushed an apple with one hand and said that if Neko Majin Z could win, he would give him $1,000,000. This did not look good for Neko Majin Z because he could not even crush an apple (his hands were too small). Instead of an apple, he took a rock and crushed it. Thunderbolt then quickly changed his mind and said that Neko Majin Z would get $10 if he won.

When they were about to fight, they were interrupted by Onio and Kuriiza. Kuriiza blew up Thunder Bolt's car, but then was punched into the ground by Neko Majin Z. Kuriza and Neko Majin Z then spoke to each other and transformed. Since there were no pages left, they all quit and went to Neko Majin Z's home. Thunderbolt also went because he did not have a car any longer and he thought he would die in the desert.